ENGAGE at CCA is a course-based community-engagement program that brings CCA students and faculty together with local organizations for mutually beneficial, semester-long projects.



CCA Students:

ENGAGE courses allow students to collaborate with communities and professionals outside the college on projects that have impact and longevity in the real world.

CCA Faculty:

The ENGAGE pedagogical model supports CCA faculty in expanding both their teaching practice and professional network.

Partner Organizations:

ENGAGE at CCA offers our partners dedicated access to the creative and critical acumen of CCA students in order to address their needs and those of their extended communities.


We define community engagement as the development of relationships with collaborators/community members that are grounded in: shared expectation, open communication, and mutual investment.

A process rooted in deep community engagement allows for students and organizations to work together as partners to identify and address community needs. Students act more as consultants than contractors through a process of research, feedback, and prototyping.