The CENTER Mission & Vision

The CENTER Mission

The Center acts to harness and sustain the ingenuity that abounds at CCA. Concentrating on positive social and environmental change as the catalyst, the Center builds strong sustained connections with the campus community and external partners, while actively expanding, assessing, and communicating the positive social impact of this work.

The CENTER Vision

The Center is a networked hub which dynamically connects CCA’s partners, students, faculty, and curriculum. Promoting engagement via evolving and innovative resources, expertise, processes, and technologies, we shape meaningful and transformative experiences for our diverse students and partners which in turn deliver creative thinking, new approaches, and ingenious solutions.

These experiences are delivered through:

● Vibrant educational and curricular pathways in partnership with industry, cultural and social organizations, government, and like-minded environmental and social impact entrepreneurs

● Prototyping and Research Studios that concentrate on tackling wicked problems

● An IMPACT Fellows program

● Community Workshops, Public Programming, and Symposia

The Center permeates the CCA experience and is open and porous to our extended community of partners, faculty, and alumni. From day one at CCA, all students are involved in learning opportunities through the Center which shape their perspective as active explorers in their learning, and in creating solutions which will have a positive impact on the people and the world around them.