Public Architecture

At Public Architecture, the SF non-profit design firm, CONNECTS externs actively contribute to their mission of community betterment through ar, design and architecture.

Organization Description:

Public Architecture undertakes public interest design and challenges other firms’ engagement in pro bono design, and mobilizes designers to transform communities. They ask designers and manufacturers to commit their resources to design for the public good and help nonprofits see design as a vehicle to advance their missions. Public Architecture shares best practices, lessons learned, and advocates for social impact design through resources, presentations, and other outreach efforts.

Being able to be a part of a group that has the goal of community betterment through art and design has been an important part of my education experience.—Leila Khosrovi, MArch, 13-14 CONNECTS Extern

Externship Description:

Externs at Public Architecture gain invaluable experience as assistants in the 1% pro bono design program. Within this role externs perform research, outreach, and support the writing and design of case studies highlighting partnerships between designers and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, externs update web content, craft presentation slides, compose outreach materials, and create graphics.

Our extern was instrumental in the writing, editing, design, and publication of two pro bono project case studies, which served to fulfill our partnership obligations with two of the largest design associations in the nation (ASID, IIDA)…. her energy and enthusiasm were infectious; we miss her already! – Jennifer Lau, Development Manager at Public Architecture.