Juabar is a CCA student designed – solar powered, mobile charging station for Tanzania’s rural community. The kiosks use solar energy to charge multiple cell phones at a time and provide a unique business opportunity for the “juapreneurs,” or local entrepreneurs, operating the stations.  

Project Overview:

Juabar is a mobile charging station that harnesses solar power for Tanzania’s off-grid community members and is both a solar energy and a retail platform for the community. Tanzanian operators use the charging stations as pop up energy businesses, simultaneously creating new jobs in rural areas and improving access to solar power. Juabar’s scalable system cultivates, trust and demand for solar products while highlighting the benefits for cleaner energy sources in off-grid communities.

Juabar works closely with local partner Appropriate Rural Technology Institute [ARTI] who supports Juabar with a work team, solar supplier, communication (translation), and the community credibility needed to work within Tanzania’s off-grid communities.

We have evolved our thinking around what is the biggest impact that we could make with Juabar and moving forward our mission is to develop profitable small business opportunities while meeting community energy needs by designing and building local, low-cost phone charging kiosks powered by solar. – Juabar, IMPACT Awardee 2012

Project Outcome:

Revenue sales grew faster than expected for the first Juabar kiosk and inspired the Juabar team to think bigger about the impact their mobile kiosks could have on off-grid communities. Team Juabar developed a reasonable payback structure for the local entrepreneurs, or “Juapreneurs,” that allowed them to “rent-to-own” each Juabar charging kiosk. Team members Olivia Nava and Sachi DeCou continue to run Juabar as a vibrant business with 30 new charging stations and have expanded to also distribute solar lighting from Juabar kiosks to over 4,000 customers.