Interdisciplinary art students collaborated with developmentally disabled artists working at Creativity Explored in San Francisco to put their concepts into action.

Project Objective:

In “Fabricators,” students participated in approaches to arts education through collaboration with developmentally disabled artists and their instructors. In “Fabricators” students build relationships with peer artists from Creativity Explored. Creativity Explored artists act as the design experts while ENGAGE students work to turn their artistic vision into a reality. This class offered students a unique opportunity to consider the social interconnections between art, arts education, and industry through real world projects that culminated in a final exhibition by the artists at Creativity Explored.

Lia Wilson’s review “Fabricators: Blurring the Insider/Outsider Boundary” reflected on the importance of the show:

Fabricators refuses to let outdated and romanticized assumptions about ‘pure original artistic vision’ cling to Creativity Explored artists, and instead endows them with the basic respect and agency of directorial control.

Project Outcome(s):

The ENGAGE course concluded with an exhibition of works by a survey of artists from Creativity Explored and incorporated student writings for the exhibition contexts. “Fabricators” enrollees were responsible for formatting a final project summary report that included a narrative, key images, and analysis of their collaboration on a real world project with Creativity Explored.

Fabricators: Blurring the Insider/ Outsider Boundary  by Lia Wilson (Published in Daily Serving, December 2012)

Special thanks to the Creativity Explored Artists included in the final exhibition

Camille Holevoet | Christina Chong | Thanh Diep | Lance Rivers | Natalie Spring