CONNECTS Fellow: Vivian Harp

“I was inspired to be an artist be seeing professional artists when I was young.  By working at Chabot Elementary, the kids get to see an example of someone who makes art in their day-to-day life.”

– Vivian Harp, CCA CONNECTS Fellow

Fellowship Description

Vivian Harp worked at Chabot Elementary School under the mentorship of art teacher Amber Miller, assisting instruction of art students through class preparation, one-on-one guidance, and curriculum development, Vivian used her expertise in ceramics to design a pinch pot lesson for the students.

CONNECTS Qualities:

This Connects Fellowship is an example of:
  • Mutual Mentorship
  • Artistic Inspiration
  • Learning Life Skills
  • Importance of Helping Hands

Vivian reflects on what she has been learning from the Students she teaches:

I’ve learned that kids will surprise you in every way possible. Like this morning they were looking at art and kind of discussing what they saw and they always said something I totally could not predict. So I feel like their responses are actually teaching me different perspectives on art that I wouldn’t know otherwise.

Amber Miller spoke about the benefit of Vivians ceramic lesson:

I learned from Vivian because I haven’t taken a lot of ceramics classes.  Getting to hear her work with the students on clay helped me rethink how to teach the kids and how to work with a specific material. – Amber Miller, Art Teacher, Chabot Elementary School.

Impact Statement

Site Mentor, Amber Miller(L) and CCA Fellow, Vivian Harp (R) share how CONNECTS impact them and their community:

“My fellow impacts my community with her one-on-one teaching method – seeking out students that need more support and modeling correct behavior. Her value is priceless!”

“I get to learn about social interactions and learning styles which inspires my personal practice.”