CONNECTS Fellow: Olivia Houghton

“It can be so creative and liberating to make these projects and find a way to express yourself in the world. It’s definitely a reinforcement of all the skills that I’ve learned. I feel like I benefit from it by helping them learn and grow….It’s not just a teaching experience but a relationship.”

– Olivia Houghton, CCA CONNECTS Fellow

Fellowship Description

Olivia Houghton brought her training in fashion design and textiles to help teach an afterschool program at Youth Art Exchange. With guidance from CCA alumni Sierra Reading and Raffaella Falchi, Olivia created a lesson plan on how students represent their identity through clothing. Olivia particularly enjoyed connecting students at Youth Art Exchange to CCA and professional art practice.

Olivia reflected on the impact of connecting CCA with Youth Art Exchange:

“[Having a CCA connection brought] students into that whole realm of this is what professional work looks like and this is professional practice….seeing the ways I can make connections…really enrich the experience for the students and make it really fulfilling, and show the opportunities they have.”

CONNECTS Qualities

This Connects Fellowship is an example of:
  • CCA Connection
  • Collaborative Relationship
  • Career Connections
  • Instilling Artistic Training

Site Mentor, Sierra Reading, described the mutual impact of having a CCA student at Youth Art Exchange:

“CCA students take what they learn at CCA and reiterate it to younger community it allows them a reflection of what they’ve been so involved in their CCA community….It’s one: reflection, and two: empowering to able to give that knowledge to a new community.” – Sierra Reading, Arts Instructor, Youth Art Exchange

Impact Statement

Site Mentor, Raffaella Falchi (L) and CCA Fellow, Olivia Houghton (R) share how CONNECTS impact them and their community:

“Olivia has been a great intermediate level mentor to the students. She brings a unique experience and perspective to the class because she represents the next step after high school and the step before becoming a professional artist.”

“Becoming more involved in multiple communities and making connections to foster idea about social justice, activism, and engagement.”