Children’s Creativity Museum

Externs apply their art and design skills to furthering what Children’s Creativity Museum list as the needed three Cs of 21st century skills: Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.

Organization Description:

The Children’s Creativity Museum uses interactive art and technology exhibits to engage youth and families in the 3C’s of 21st century skills—Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. They envision a world where critical thinking, broad collaboration, effective communication, and multiple prototyped solutions inspire new ideas and innovative solutions. They believe that the success of the next generation will hinge on not only what they know, but also on their ability to think and act creatively as global citizens.

CONNECTS provided me with an opportunity to “introduce” myself as an Arts and Education Administration professional through an established organization, rather than just through cold call pitches or a resume. My time at CCM and planning Creativity Day was like a living work portfolio that gave local organizations a reflection of my skill sets in action. – Dani Neitzelt, MA VCS, 13-14 CONNECTS Extern

Externship Description:

CONNECTS externs support Children’s Creativity Museum staff as assistant instructors, as well as community engagement program assistants. Within these roles externs assist with school field trips, artist in-residency workshops, and large museum-wide family events. Externs apply Art, Design, Teaching, Community Development, and Project Management skills throughout various roles within the museum, and gain experience with community engagement and museum programming.

Our extern was absolutely amazing. She was excellent at building relationships with outside organizations for our annual Creativity Day. She also was extremely organized and very good at communication. We had nearly 1200 visitors that day who were able to enjoy our museum due to her outstanding work. – Jill Slagter, Senior Manager, Education and Exhibits at the Children’s Creativity Museum