Active Urbanism

Working with SF Jazz, Active Urbanism worked with the local community to develop bottom-up activation of Hayes Valley’s alleyways.

The seminar partnered with SF Jazz to work on proposals for an urban intervention on Linden Alley as part of the San Francisco Planning Department’s Living Alleys project. This new two-year city initiative was developed in conjunction with the Market-Octavia Neighborhood Plan, and aims to provide tools to the community for the bottom-up activation of Hayes Valley’s alleyways through Public Private Partnerships. It constitutes a new test case for the integration of bottom-up and top-down efforts. The long-term goal for the SF Planning Department is to create similar programs for other areas of San Francisco. Students actively participated in putting forward a specific proposal for tactical and permanent urban interventions that have the potential to be realized as part of the first prototypes that San Francisco Planning approved for realization.

The project resulted in 4 different proposals that included a phased deployment of short-term and long-term interventions for Linden Alley. Each project aimed to provide better links with the rest of the Hayes Valley alleyway network while reinterpreting the alley’s potential as an urban event space. In addition to phasing, the proposals included recommendations for potential collaborations between local organizations to support and structure both interventions and urban events.

SF Planning submitted the proposals to the Planning Department. As a result of the seminar’s work, this part of Linden Alley was selected as one of three prototypes supported by the Planning Department.