2017 IMPACT Awarded Teams Announced

The 2017 IMPACT projects are set to go as 4 teams of CCA students were awarded over $30,000 to enact projects across the globe.  This years' winning projects include systems designed to deliver clean water to children in El Salvador, the co-establishment of a community art space in The Fillmore neighborhood of San Francisco, clean water and community space along the Brazilian Amazon and bringing public lighting + access to tools for refugees in Lebanon.  We are thrilled with the quality and thoughtfulness of all projects, both proposed and awarded, and eagerly look forward to the woth these amazing art and design students will undertake.



San Francisco, CA

GEORGIA CAME | Masters of Architecture 

SHIV KEHR | MDES Interaction Design 

LOUISE LAUB | MDES Interaction Design 

ADITI MATHUR | MDES Interaction Design 

TETIANA MURAVIOVA | Masters of Architecture

VANESSA SLAVICH | MDES Interaction Design 


Awarded $10,000

We aim to co-create a public space that serves as a platform to amplify Black arts, community and culture in San Francisco. In partnership with the African Ameri can Arts & Culture Complex (AAACC), located in the Fillmore, we are collaborating with three key stakeholders of the AAACC: people who work in the building, visit the building, and live nearby. Artists describe their ideal cultural experience of the AAACC as “a beacon or symbol to outsiders of excellence in Black arts and culture.” Mohammed, the AAACC’s Director, noted, “social impact is not just a health program or education program but it’s also creating safe spaces for communities to gather to feel connected.”

Currently, neighbors described the surrounding area as a “social gathering desert” and the first floor of the building as “cold.” With the reopening of the nation’s oldest black bookstore, energy and activity on the first floor will increase. How we might build upon the positive core of the AAACC and support creative placemaking? Our initiative explores a kind of parklet that will address the described needs through Community Design Fellows; this will enable the local artists, entrepreneurs, and residents to own the design process and reimagine the space between the street and the sidewalk as the heart of the community. 


Amazonas Riverine Program

Boas Novas, Brazil 

BEATRIZ ESCOBAR | MA Social Practice & Public Forms 


MK MEADOR | MA Curatorial Practice 


Awarded $10,000

Our mission for Team Amazonas is to bring drinkable water and a kitchen to a K-8 school in an underserved Amazon river community of Boas Novas. This is one of many non-indigenous riverine communities along tributaries of the Amazon river. As ironic as it may sound, even though located on the largest river basin in the world, they suffer from lack of access to clean water and hygienic conditions. Our team has partnered with local non-profits and key individuals in order to implement our plan. We are using the strength of our network to optimize our resources and bring together groups with specific expertise: an Amazonian research collective (filter technology), a Manaus-based Brazilian architect, an area environmental non-profit (local knowledge and logistics) and community handymen. We will travel from Manaus to Boas Novas by way of a riverboat and a bus, eight hours down the Amazon. Once there, we will work with community organizers to gather materials and tools in order to implement a community kitchen with drinkable water. Over the course of three weeks, more than building the kitchen we will work to help build community around it - implementing a series of workshops and engaging students and community member on various capacities. 


al Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 

LEONARD BEHNISCH | BFA Industrial Design 

SOPHIE SCHNORF | BFA Interior Design 



Awarded $10,000

Envisioned by an interdisciplinary team of designers and activists, Taiyo is one response to the current refugee crisis affecting millions of people across the world. Originally conceived for the al Bekaa Valley refugee settlements in Lebanon, Taiyo is a freestanding system that uses the sun’s power to create light and generate electricity for a variety of tools that enable refugees to use their skills, to support and develop their communities. Each light in the system provides illumination and safety at night. 

Taiyo’s adaptable tool modules offer affordable access to tools; individuals can rent modules to power cell phones, sewing machines, computers, power tools and other devices that not only solve the community problems, but also provide entrepreneurial opportunities. The Taiyo system can help to increase the productivity of the broader community while it also strengthens the dignity of individual members. 



Osicala, El Salvador 

DANIEL ORTIZ | BFA Industrial Design 

PARMIS TAIDY | BFA Industrial Design 

AARON JACOBSON | BFA Industrial Design 

FABRICE TAKEDA | BFA Industrial Design 

CASEY FLAHERTY | MBA Design Strategy 


Awarded $2500

 OASI is a consultancy that partners with schools in El Salvador to design innovative and sustainable solutions that get clean drinking water in the hands of school children and engages them in the process. 

Our name (pronounced “Oh-WAH-see”) is inspired by the word “oasis” which shares the same meaning - a spring of fresh water - in both Spanish and English. It is also intended to be memorable for children. 


Photos by Jim Norrena