Past Projects

The 2013-2014 IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Award Winners


To Lemon Hill
With: A Turkish private school and architecure firm
Izmir, Turkey

  • Ekin Balcioglu (MFA Fine Arts/Visual and Critical Studies)
  • Debbie Ebanks Schlums (MFA Fine Arts/Visual and Critical Studies)
  • Hubert Wong (BFA Film)
  • Calder Yates (MFA Fine Arts/Visual and Critical Studies)

To Lemon Hill is project whereby Syrian refugee children can access education in Turkey.  Established as a Saturday programme, the children are bussed to a school where volunteer teachers and high school students teach Turkish and other subjects.

Project Website


Instructa-Coop: Constructing Food Justice
With: City Slickers Farms 
West Oakland, California

  • Frances Reid (MArch)
  • Logan Kelley (MArch)
  • Leila Khosrovi (MArch)
  • Shawn Komlos (MArch)
  • Hachem Mahfoud (MBA in Design Strategy)
  • Brendan Williams (MArch)

Instructa-Coop built a chicken coop on the City Slickers Farms community park and farm in West Oakland. Additionally, they constructed a small-scale information board about the chicken coop and designed a website to educate the public about urban, backyard chicken raising.

Project Website


Puerto el Morro Pig Project
With: APROFE, Association for Welfare of the Ecuadorian Family 
Puerto el Morro, Ecuador

  • Leah Zaldumbide (BArch)
  • Yuliya Grebyonkina (BArch)
  • Margherita Buzzi (MFA Design)

To address the sanitation issue of local pigs roaming freely in Puerto el Morro, Ecuador, Puerto el Morro Pig Project designed and built a pig pen in collaboration with local community members. Taking into consideration the cultural importance of pigs to this community, they introduced a safe, sturdy, and comfortable space for the pigs that provided food, shade, water, and rest.

Project Website


The 2012-2013 IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Award Winners


With: Appropriate Rural Technology Institute
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

• Olivia Nava (MBA in Design Strategy)
• Sachi DeCou (MBA in Design Strategy)
• Rachel Gant (BFA Industrial Design)

Juabar is a solar-powered community power hub in East Africa. Their mission was to develop profitable small business opportunities that met community energy needs.


20/20 FOTO: Cross-Border Community Action
With: Creative Kids (U.S.) and Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa (Mexico)
El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

• Robert Gomez (MFA Social Practice & MA Visual Critical Studies)
• Heidi Lubin (MFA Sculpture)
• Neil Rivas (MFA Photography)
• Claudia Marquez (BFA Photography)
• Maria Alzatin Nunez (BFA Sculpture)

20/20 Foto is a cross border community action involving the youth from two different border towns: El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico. The group documented, through visual storytelling, how these towns were affected by regional violence.


With: Alaska Design Forum and KAKM, Alaska Public Television
Kivalina, Alaska

• Jesus Landin-Torrez III (MFA Social Practice)
• Teresa Baker (MFA Painting)
• Steve Sanchez (BFA Furniture Design)
• Floris Schonfeld (MFA Film)

KVAK TV is a web-based portrait of the small coastal village of Kivalina, Alaska. The resulting website, written solely by Kivalina youth, tells the story of what life is like for them in their small town of only 440 inhabitants.

The 2011-2012 IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Award Winners

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IMPACT Skyline

IMPACT Skyline proposes an innovative and collaborative new working environment at Skyline High School. The team will think creatively about building and space, use interactive technology, and provide professional development workshops for teachers.

• Alvin Cheung, MBA in Design Strategy
• Michelle Dawson, MBA in Design Strategy
• Corey Lee, Graduate Program in Design
• Sanam Nassirpour, MBA in Design Strategy


Social Craft

Working with local experts, Social Craft proposes a five-week-long course at Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology in Bangalore. The course would involve building an actual house on campus to explore the boundaries between education and life; the project would also build a lasting relationship between the two colleges.

• Cara Levine, Sculpture Program
• Nicholas Morris, Sculpture Program
• Cassie Thornton, Graduate Program in Fine Arts (Social Practice)


WAZO Design Institute

WAZO Design Institute proposes to create a design and production facility to support entrepreneurialism and product development in Kayafungo, a rural community in eastern Kenya.

• Konina Biswas, Graduate Program in Design
• Benjamin Ilka, Graduate Program in Fine Arts
• James Lee, MBA in Design Strategy
• Paul Wood, Graduate Program in Design


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