IMPACT Awards Resources

IMPACT Proposal Guidelines

Download the 2014 IMPACT application here!

What to Include

Include the following in your IMPACT application:

  • cover sheet
  • short bio of each team member
  • community partner letter of support
  • proposal narrative that addresses the following (see application for guidance):

in-depth discussion of the project
description of relevant social issue(s) including intended innovative strategies
specific goals and objectives for the project
community partner’s role in the project
description of how the team will use interdisciplinary skill sets
explanation of anticipated documentation strategies

  • project timeline
  • budget (according to the following guidelines):

No more than 25 percent of the requested amount may be used for transportation/housing, which includes airfare, hotel/lodging, and all other travel expenses.
No CCA student stipends are allowed.


  • budget narrative explaining the rationale for certain budget items (500 words maximum).
  • supplemental visual material might include proposal drawings, sketches, photographs, diagrams, or any other visual material to support your IMPACT proposal.

Please note: No proposed projects may be used for course credit. While we welcome projects that stem from or lead to curricular work, no IMPACT financial award can be given to curricular projects.


How to Find Teammates

  • Make an announcement in one or all of your classes.
  • Email IMPACT
  • Talk to your friends, friends of friends, and the friends of your friends' friends ... you never know who’ll be interested in joining you.
  • CCA Center for Art and Public Life LIKE the center page, put out a request for teammates, and keep an eye out for persons looking to join a team.
  • Talk to your instructors. They may know some fellow classmates who are exactly who you are looking for.
  • Attend future IMPACT networking events.

How to Identify Issues to Consider

  • Consider issues from ideas you have encountered in past courses.
  • Recall lectures/events that truly inspired you.
  • Think about experiences that have directly affected you, including personal ones.
  • Past organizations, causes, or projects with which you have involved yourself.

How to find a Community Partner

  • Review the Community Organization Resource List.
  • Email IMPACT
  • Conduct a Google search by community and location.
  • Think about who you know and mine those relationships (present and past).
  • Check out alternative lists such as Opportunity Knocks.
  • Speak with faculty members to see who they know.
  • Email (“cold call”) organizations: “Hi, my name is (introduce yourself), and I’m a student at California College of the Arts and I’m calling in regard to a potential community partnership for the college's IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards.”
  • Attend any number of event lectures (on and off-campus), community events, and so forth.

More Tips

The Center for Art and Public Life can provide students with additional assistance. The following are recommendations for getting over hurdles you might encounter.

  • If you're open to bringing in a fresh set of eyes to consider new methods for working through problems, take advantage of the Center's willingness to connect you with a mentor from the MBA in Design Strategy (DMBA) program.
  • See the IMPACT introduction page for a list of potential community partners.
  • For the complete IMPACT Project application (PDF), see the Center's Community Organization Resources List.
  • Looking for ideas? Need inspiration? Want to connect with other IMPACT participants? Visit the Center for Art and Public Life on Facebook join our community!