Community Student Fellows

The Community Student Fellows program offers community-based experiences to both undergraduate and graduate CCA students. It exemplifies the center’s focus on developing opportunities for students to engage intensively in individual projects with specific community partners. Both parties benefit from such valuable, long-term opportunities for learning and engagement.
Grants from the center's sponsors and federal work-study money fund these externships positions in schools and community art organizations. Students receive orientation and training through workshops at the center, which provide structure and context for their individual experiences.

Participating students come from varied backgrounds and disciplines, from architecture to social practice, painting, ceramics, design, fashion, and sculpture. They may serve as artists in residence, or as administrative assistants in community organizations, witnessing the many ways in which art, design, writing and architecture can play a vital role in the community. Other students work alongside teachers in public schools as teaching artists.

Community Student Fellows have the opportunity to become leaders in community engagement and community arts practice. Numerous alumni of the program have gone on to play vital roles in various local and global communities. They serve as teaching artists at local public schools, as artists in residence, as program managers at art centers and museums, and as independent curators.