Center Student Grants

The Center Student Grants program ran from 2002-2010. Working from the program's model for socially based, collaborative projects, the program evolved in 2010 to the IMPACT Social Entrepreneurship Awards.

Center Student Grants funded projects collaboratively designed by CCA students and their community partners, thereby serving one of the Center’s primary goals: to bridge the studio-based practices of art, design, writing, and architecture with the larger community.

The projects address issues of social justice, diversity, community development, and education. After a rigorous and selective application process that includes writing a formal grant proposal, students may be awarded up to $3,000.


Power Soccer Equipment for Disabled Athletes
Nicole Knox, MFA Design, first-year graduate
Community Partner: Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program, Berkeley, California

This project will engage in a collaborative design process to develop new and innovative power soccer equipment. CCA MFA Design student Nicole Knox will partner with a local power soccer team, through the Berkeley nonprofit organization Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program for the project. Power soccer is a modified version of soccer designed specifically for power wheelchair users. Participants include persons with quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, head trauma, stroke, spinal cord injury and other disabilities.

Gender Identity, Guangzhou, China
Abby Chen, Visual & Critical Studies first-year graduate
Community Partner: Southern China Women Artists Collective (SCWAC), Guangzhou, China

Gender Identity is a project working in collaboration with Southern China Women Artists Collective on a three-day symposium and workshop, taking place in Guangzhou, China. Participants, including artists, scholars, performers, filmmakers, writers and critics, will explore issues of gender and artistic expression—developing strategies and professional development opportunities to engage and cultivate wider recognition and opportunities for such expression.

Support a Dream
Crystal Vera, Fashion Design, third-year undergraduate
Community Partner: Roosevelt High School of the Arts, Fresno, California

Support a Dream is a four-week fashion design workshop designed for High School students at Roosevelt High School of the Arts in Fresno, California. Students will take workshops where they will be creating and drawing figures and garments utilizing a variety of media. During this course, students will develop portfolios that can be used to apply for college and other future opportunities.

Youth Artists Resisting: An Education and Exhibition Collaboration Between San Francisco and Haiti
Allison Rowe Social Practice, first-year graduate
Community Partner: Out of Site Center for Arts Education, San Francisco, California and Timoun Atis Rezistan, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Youth Artists Resisting: An Education and Exhibition Collaboration Between San Francisco and Haiti is a community art project that seeks to facilitate conversation, art production, art sales and youth empowerment by using the methodology of artists from the Port-au-Prince collective Ti Moun Atis Rezistan (Children’s Resistance) as the basis for a free class offered to San Francisco public high school students through Out of Site: Center for Arts Education. At the end of the class, a public exhibition and silent auction of art produced by the class participants will be sold with all proceeds going to the Ti Moun Atis Rezistan to assist them in continuing to offer free space and art lessons to Haitian youth.

Inside Discussions
Katherin Canton, Community Arts, third-yeard undergraduate
Community Partner: Plaza East Apartments, San Francisco

Partnering with Plaza East Apartments, a series of events will be held to engage residents in a dialogue on the architectural design and planning of public housing sites. Exchanging personal stories and surfacing issues related to the social ramifications of housing policies and politics, participants will share food along with their experiences of living in public housing. A series of dinner dialogues will be followed by a portrait day honoring participants, who will each receive a professionally printed and framed photograph of their family.

We Players on Alcatraz Puppet Partnership
Anna Whitehead, MFA Social Practice, second-year graduate student
Community Partner: We Players, Alcatraz Island San Francisco

Joining with We Players in their site-specific performance residency on Alcatraz Island, this partnership project engages at-risk youth, people incarcerated, and those on probation in the Bay Area in the collaborative creation and construction of large-scale puppets and masks for a performance addressing themes of access, isolation, incarceration, justice and redemption. Participants will exchange personal experiences and stories related to project themes while collaborating with residency poets, dancers and actors working together on the culminating, multidisciplinary, performance piece.

Cactus Theater
Ann Schnake, MFA Social Practice, first-year graduate
Community Partner: ArtsChange, Richmond, California

Engaging stories of bravery and resilience, this multidisciplinary project collaborates with a group of Richmond youth in developing visual and performative work. Creating an installation and performance space, the work will be initially situated as a dinner dialogue between youth, artists and medical providers in Richmond and then be re-presented in local venues.


The View From Here
Samuel Slater, Photography BFA
Samuel Slater's project engages youth involved with the Mission Pie organization in San Francisco to explore and elaborate on their experiences within the community through the medium of photography. This project will culminate in the form of a billboard and book publication, which will present the visions of these youths to the community.

Design Thinking: Recycling Practices for the Dominican Republic
Indhira Susana Rojas Sánchez, Design MFA
By taking a human centered design approach to behaviors and attitudes towards disposable materials, the project will create solutions to found problems and encourage innovation in the way the Dominican Republic deals with disposing materials.

Blow Until You’re Numb
Carlos Saavedra
Photography and Media Arts, BFA
Saavedra hosted workshops with children victims of land-mines in Colombia. From the workshops, Saavedra is producing a documentary to expose the problem to a largely uninformed American audience.

Nashira Song Book
Brindalyn Webster, MFA Social Practice
With the help of a translator, I will interview members of the Nashira community, a social housing village made up of 88 low income women and their families and help write their history. From the children’s, parent’s grandparent’s and teacher’s stories that I collect, I will write songs for them to sing and share. This transmission will be possible through the production of a song book, in both Spanish and English, printed on the recycled paper that the women in Cali produce.

From Digital to Analog: Teaching the Mechanics of Sound toward Social Mapping
Christian McKay, MFA
This project will involves seventh and eight grade children in the practice of arts for the purpose of supporting their understanding of ecoscience. McKay is designing and developing curriculum to complement student's study of ecoscience that incorporates visual and media art practice.


Mais ou Menos
Ryan Duke
The CCA student collaborated with economically under served artisan groups in Pratania, Brazil, using their local craft of leather working in designing contemporary products and furniture as a means of sustainable income.

The Distributed Exhibition
Sara Thacher
The CCA student organized an exhibition in which homeowners and apartment dwellers opened their residences to the creation and viewing of site-specific art. The project encouraged new non-confrontation, one-to-one interactions between the diverse participating residents and with current patrons of the ICA.

Documenting Education and Art at Sacramento High School
Shylah Hamilton
The CCA student received a grant to create a 15-20 minute film documenting the artist, Claudia Bernardi's, residency at Sacramento High School.

Covenant House Photography Program
Sean Donnelly, Photography BFA
Teens in Oakland were introduced to the work of contemporary urban photographers and were encouraged to use the medium in a documentary approach addressing the hard realities of their lives and communities. The CCA student’s goal was to encourage at-risk youths to express themselves through the arts rather than gang violence.


Favela-Barrio Patio Mosaico Project
Raffaella Falchi and Bridgett Shank
CCA students created tiled mosaics in Brazil with the help of school children and a few skilled tradesmen from the neighborhood. The mosaic covers concrete planters and benches outside the school entrance. In the planters fences were erected to protect the new garden plants, which provide shade and beautify this protected communal space.

Roots and Branches
Nicholas Basta and Robert Nicholson
CCA students use a Ford Econoline van as their portable stage for hosting monthly events during the summer for community gatherings and celebrations. They worked to promote community awareness by activating public space in Oakland with art, music, and food.

Tongorachi Minga
Pamela Goldhagen
CCA Student worked within the economically disadvantaged town of Tongorachi, Ecuador to promote appreciation/respect for the natural environment, as well as encourage art making where school funding for the arts is non-existent.

Town Business Project at Frick Middle School and Art Esteem
Daniel Panko
The CCA student introduced various art media to the students of ArtEsteem’s after school program at Frick Middle School in Oakland. He engaged the students in the production of a series of small mini murals.


Young Artist Explorers
Jamie Treacy, Painting BFA
During a three month workshop led by a CCA student, a group of fifteen students ages fifteen to eighteen learned drawing and painting skills while developing a critical eye for portraying changes in their community, and became “authors of their own histories.”


Artistic Justice, Perquin, El Salvador
Gardner Goetze, Thia Jennings, Daniel Panko, Christina Samuelson
Community Partner: School of the Arts/Open Studio in Perquin, El Salvador

"...Birds Landing, CA 94512"
Jennifer Durban
Community Partner: Advocates for the Arts (AFTA), Fairfield, CA

Lacing the Maps of the Body Quito, Ecuador
Read more about "Lacing the Maps of the Body, Quito, Ecuador" on our website.
Grant Recipient: Ana Fernandez
Community Partner: CMSFQ/Escuela deYunguilla project

Myron Hardy, Jr.
Community Partner: Out of SiteOut of Site-Center For Arts Education

Artists for Social and Political Awareness
Venues in the Bay Area including La Pena Cultural Center


Binding the Gap: A Book of Messages
Anne Ngan Nguyen
Community Partner: Eastside Arts Alliance, Susanne K. Takehara

Yelapa Mexico Community Mural Project Sin Fronteras, Yelapa Jal, Mexico
Miranda Bergman
Community Partner: Pedro Gomez Feria, La Escuela Telesecundaria
yelapa mexico, JAL, Mexico

Quilting Indigenous Plant Life of the Sierra Foothills, San Juan Ridge CA
Maria Rain Ryan
Community Partner: Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, Twin Ridges Elementary School District, San Juan Ridge Indigenous Studies Center.


Chacala Design/Build Partnership, Chacala, Mexico
Jake MacKenzie
Community Partner: Architect and engineer Jose Enrique; town of Chacala, Mexico

Hip Hop Class at Far West School
Unity Lewis, Bayete Ross-Smith, David Battaglia
Community Partner: Far West School, Oakland, CA


What's This All About?
Aimee Le Duc
A Media Literacy Class at Far West School
Community Partner: Far West School, Oakland, CA

Hip Hop Class at Far West School
Unity Lewis, Bayete Ross-Smith
Community Partner: Far West School, Oakland, CA