Graphic Design


The design team envisioned “Bipool,” a bicycle program that would improve cyclist safety by increasing bicyclist visibility through commuting groups and planned routes.

Design Sprint Prompt:

In response to growing safety concerns, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) began the Vision Zero initiative in 2011 to increase roadway safety for its community members. The Vision Zero: Silicon Valley program began as a partnership between SVBC and Stanford Hospital & Clinic’s Trauma Center. Members of these community groups gathered information from public works staff, AAA, cycling clubs, law enforcement, and community members to better understand the issue of cyclist safety in Silicon Valley. Out of this collaboration, the Vision Zero: Silicon Valley program identified a 7-point focus plan to improve safety. Vision Zero created design prompts that focused on outreach campaigns to improve road safety and put the 7-point focus plan into action.

Students were asked:

Team Proposal:


Xiaofei Liu | Graphic Design

Jingjing Yang | Graphic Design

Qian Mao | Graphic Design

Di Wang | Industrial Design

The design team envisioned “Bipool,” a bicycle program that would improve cyclist safety by increasing bicyclist visibility through commuting groups and planned routes. “Bipool” commuters would use a website and/or smartphone app to identify departure points throughout the community. Each departure point would be highlighted with the “Bipool” logo and would resemble a bus stop, with groups of cyclists embarking to their destinations at set times throughout the day. “Bipool” commutes would also be equipped with volunteer ride leaders. Veteran cyclists would encourage bicycle commuting by keeping the group together at a comfortable pace. “Bipool’s” website and mobile application would not only coordinate departure points, but also track cyclists heading towards their destinations, as well as provide common bike routes to popular locations.


The “Bipool” design team was awarded $1,500 to develop their design solution and prepare a presentation for jurisdictions in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Youth Programs Coordinator led the first “Bipool” (now called “BikePool”) test ride in March 2015, and meetup/drop-off points are now available via an online map.

The Runners-Up:

In the end, all participating teams were exposed to a swath of valuable opportunities.


Chris Waugh | Senior Lead of Health & Wellness @ IDEO + One Medical

Dave Bertini | Police Commander @ City of Menlo Park

Derek Chan | Outreach Manager @ CA Department of Motor Vehicles

Kirsten Keith | Council Member @ City of Menlo Park

Jessica Manzi | Community Development Engineer @ Redwood City

Corinne Winter | Executive Director @ Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Ellen Corman | Supervisor of Community Outreach & Injury Prevention @ Stanford Trauma Center

John Knox-White | Transportation Planner @ SF Municipal Transportation Agency

Cindy Welton | Co-Leader @ SVBC’s Roadway Safety Solutions Team

Beth Thomas | Branch Chief for Pedestrian & Bicycle @ CalTrans District 4

Patt Baenen | Cyclist + Principal @ Scaled-Up Productions

Bill Fallis | Ride Leader @ Pen Velo

Ariadne Scott | Bicycle Program Coordinator @ Stanford University

Shawn Chase | Deputy @ Sheriff’s Office of San Mateo County

Mark Welton | Surgical Oncologist @ Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Matthew Davis | Attorney @ Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger

Conor Kelly | Attorney @ Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger

Design Experts:

Will Moran | Senior Creative @ Google

Michael Carabetta | Creative Director @ Chronicle Books

Lucie Richter | Principal @ Lucie Richter Consulting + Senior Lecturer in ID @ CCA

Marc O’Brien | Designer @ Smallify + Designer @ Good SF

Eric Heiman | Principal @ Volume, Inc. + Assistant Professor in GD @ CCA

Josh Levine | Principal @ Great Monday + Senior Lecturer in DMBA @ CCA

Melanie Doherty | Creative Director @ Melanie Doherty Design + Adjunct Professor in GD @ CCA

Ulrika Andersson | Principal @ Rubrika + Adjunct Professor in IxD @ CCA

Katie Barcelona | Principal @ room207 Design + Senior Lecturer in GD @ CCA

Bryan Houlette | Creative Director @ Eleven, Inc.


Dan Cohen | Creative Producer @ Apple + Founder @ Collective Good

Matt Cooke | Head of User Experience @ Iron Creative Communication

Maurice Woods | Founder @ Inneract Project + Co- Founder @ Convozine

Thomas Prehn | Director for Global Strategic Business & Product Innovation @ CatEye

David Oberholtzer | Lead User Experience Designer @ Gensler

Bob Jonsen | Chief of Police @ City of Menlo Park

Corinne Winter | Executive Director @ Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Derek Chan | Outreach Manager @ CA Department of Motor Vehicles

John Knox-White | Transportation Planner @ SF Municipal Transportation Agency


Alemany Outdoor Kitchen

Tackling the need for outdoor cooking space at Alemany Farms, the IMPACT Award Team built a kitchen from scratch. Running as a scrappy and efficient design firm, Alemany Outdoor Kitchen branded their kitchen, designed a web page, organized workflow, managed labor, hosted events, and obtained city permit approval. With a beautiful new kitchen to show for it.

Located near multiple public housing complexes, the Alemany Outdoor Kitchen is a community resource and offers hands-on experiences for food education and production. Initially developed in an Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studio Course at CCA, Alemany Outdoor Kitchen [AOK] provides an open air space for food preparation alongside the existing food production available to community members at Alemany Farm. As providers of fresh organic produce for local individuals and families to feed themselves, Alemany Farm envisions the potential of a kitchen project.  


Our team is proud to create some buzz in the city with Alemany Outdoor Kitchen and we hope that success will reflect well on Alemany Farm, California College of the Arts, and the Center for Art and Public Life. With recognition from the city of San Francisco we hope to get more leads to new public projects and similar opportunities to start our careers as young designers.” –Alemany Outdoor Kitchen, IMPACT Awardee 2012


After IMPACT, Alemany Outdoor Kitchen offers jobs to the residents; it connects them to new non-profit organizations, improves curb appeal and offers recreation space.  During the process, the team functioned as a small architecture and design firm, branded their project, created a web presence, organized workdays, managed contract labor, hosted events, and gained permit approval from the city. Team AOK also launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project. Alemany Outdoor Kitchen was recognized by the city of San Francisco for their design leaving Team AOK excited to serve as a model for similar projects in the future.  With the kitchen successfully completed, members of the community and the Alemany farm use the space for sharing and celebrating food.