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We foster social impact via evolving and innovative resources, expertise, processes, and technologies that serve to catalyze and inspire creative thinking, new approaches, and ingenious solutions.

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We leverage the CCA community's unique skills in art, design, and creativity to generate real and lasting impact.


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The Center for Art + Public Life has a new name—the Center for Impact at CCA!  The Center's new name reflects an expanded commitment to Social and Environmental Impact.  It is growing its focus and activities in the field of sustainability and protection of the environment, along with leveraging and building upon its award-winning prior work in community development, service learning in arts education, new models of practice in community-based arts, and cultural diversity and youth development through the arts.



The Center acts to harness and sustain the ingenuity that abounds at CCA, leveraging the passion and creativity of artists and designers, and their unique processes and ways of thinking out-of-the-box. Concentrating on positive environmental and social change as the catalyst, the Center builds strong sustained connections through collaborative projects with local, national, and global communities while actively assessing, expanding, and sharing models for effective solutions in the field.



As a networked hub, the Center fosters creativity through the unique and powerful lens of art and design.  The campus environment promotes engagement via evolving and innovative resources, diverse fields of expertise, design thinking processes, and cutting edge technologies.  Such an approach serves to catalyze and inspire creative thinking, resourcefulness, and ingenious solutions.



The Center for Impact at CCA

California College of the Arts

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